Genuine STARCKE. Since 1829.

STARCKE abrasives – Past and present

The STARCKE organization is a medium-sized independent fourth-generation family business and one of the major abrasive suppliers in the market. Our business activities can be traced back to before 1720.

Our corporate history begins with trade in iron and wood products as well as household commodities, which was eventually replaced by the manufacture of cleaning agents, detergents, and matches. Towards the end of the 19th century, the production range was extended by emery paper and sanding cloths. In the years to follow, these articles gained in significance as industrialization progressed. Today, they are referred to in the industry as coated abrasives and are classified as high-quality tools.

For over 100 years our abrasive cloths and papers have added the finishing touches in a wide variety of applications, manufacturing quality products. A diversified product range is marketed world-wide through subsidiaries and various other distribution channels.

With a corporate history spanning over 280 years since the company’s origin and 175 years under the STARCKE name, we aim to further build on this tradition by actively forging the future. This is effectively demonstrated by our production facility for coated abrasives, completed in 1997, which is ranked among the most sophisticated operations of its kind world-wide and guarantees the high standard of our acknowledged top-of-the-line quality products.